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Minimum Order and Specifications:

    Liners (Plugs): Minimum order per variety is one tray.  For shipping purposes, our box holds 4 trays
    of grasses or perennials.  Note that a handling fee of $10.00 will be charged on orders less than a
    full box (< 4 trays).  Trays contain 18, 32, 50, or 72 plugs.  Refer to the catalog or the current
    availability for specific sizes and prices for each plant item.

    Containers: Sizes include QT (quarts; 15 plugs/tray); 1G (one-gallon), 2G (two-gallon), 3G (three-
    gallon), or custom sizes.
Availability and Ordering:

    We can mail, fax or email our current availability upon request.  The availability is also maintained
    at  We prefer to receive orders by mail, fax or email to ensure
    accuracy of the order.  If possible, orders should be received by Wednesday, for shipping the
    following week.  Orders will be acknowledged upon receipt.

    Orders by fax:  410-658-7333
    Orders by email:
    Orders by phone:  410-658-7331 (Toll-free: 866-530-8902)
    Orders by mail:  Chief Mountain Farms, LLC
                                     116 Chiefs Mountain Lane
                              Port Deposit, MD  21904

Price quotes or bids:

    We can provide estimated costs on plants and shipping for your projects.  Please send your bids
    by email or fax.   

Discounts for Large Volume Orders:  Inquire

Custom Orders:

    Custom orders for other plug/pot sizes or for species not listed in our catalog are welcomed.  
    Please allow enough time for plant growth to complete your order.  A non-refundable 25% deposit
    is required at the time the custom order is placed.


  • We have several options for low-cost shipping of your order: our small package ground shipping
    carrier is UPS.  Large volume orders can be shipped on palletized wooden racks by freight using
    common truck carriers.  We can also ship by air freight to destination airports.  Lastly, we offer
    delivery via our trucks (see next section).
  • For boxed shipments, we use TIPPER TIE-NETTING to secure plugs in their trays.
  • The boxing charge is $7.00/box.
  • The cost for palletized wooden shipping racks ranges from $45 to $85, depending on the size and
    number of shelves per rack.

Truck Delivery:

    We make routine deliveries in MD, PA, NJ, NY (Long Island), Washington, DC, and VA.  In addition,
    we schedule trips along the East coast (MA, RI, CT, NY, and NC) and Ohio, as needed.  If your ship
    date is flexible and you would prefer our truck delivery, then let us know and we will arrange the
    delivery.  Costs for delivery vary depending on destination mileage, order volume, and fuel
    surcharges.  Please call for estimate.

Customer Pick-Up at the Nursery is Welcomed:

    Please call at least 24 hours in advance to ensure that your order is ready.  We prefer Wednesday,
    Thursday or Friday for pick-ups.  We will notify you of the pick-up location - either 116 Chiefs
    Mountain Lane, Port Deposit, MD, 21904 or 2100 Biggs Highway, Rising Sun, MD, 21911.

Phytosanitary Requirements:

    A $25 fee is applied for states that require a phytosanitary certificate.  A $70 - $110 phytosanitary
    fee is charged for shipments to Canada.  This fee is dependent on the purchase volume, with
    orders > $1250 charged at $110/order and orders < $1250 charged at $70.

Payment Terms:

  • Prices are F.O.B. from our nursery in Port Deposit, MD, 21904.
  • Charges are payable in U.S. funds.
  • We accept cash, checks, or credit cards for methods of payment.
  • For customers with approved credit, terms are net 30 days.  You may download our credit
    application from our website ( or call our office to have one faxed or
    mailed to you.  A finance charge of 1.8% per month (21.6%/year) will be added to past due accounts.  
    We reserve the right to suspend credit, hold plant shipments, and remove discounts on
    delinquent accounts.
  • C.O.D. payments apply to customer pick-up and our truck deliveries - if an account with credit
    terms has not been established prior to pick up or delivery.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.

Plant Brokers:

  • Fred C. Gloeckner & Co. (800-345-3787; 914-698-2300)
  • Gary’s Perennials, LLC (215-628-4070)
  • Grimes Horticulture (800-241-7333; 440-352-3333)
  • McHutchison Horticultural Distributors (800-943-2230)
  • Mid Atlantic Plant Company (800-366-0350; 302-366-0349)
  • M & M Plant Sales (831-801-6049)
  • SHS Griffin (800-323-7253; 630-453-6300)
  • The Henry F. Michell’s Company (800-422-4678; 610-265-4200)
  • Thievon Horticultural Products, LLC (732-563-4150; 908-812-9927)
  • Vaughan’s Horticulture (855-864-3300)

Cancellation and Restocking Policy:

    The deadline for canceling orders without service charges is the Wednesday before the
    scheduled ship date.  If an order is canceled after Wednesday and it has already been picked for
    shipment, then a restocking fee of 20% will be charged.  Shipped items will not be accepted for
    return without prior approval.


    We guarantee our plants to be healthy and true to variety.  In some situations, problems may arise
    that warrant a claim and we will be glad to help out and meet your satisfaction.  Please notify us
    within 48 hours of delivery with any shipping problems (damage to boxes or plants) or questions in
    regards to the shipment.  Similarly, let us know as soon as you can of any problems with plugs not
    shooting, if your order was shipped early spring and you received vernalized, dormant plugs.  We
    require pictures of damaged shipments and/or problem plants to process a credit claim.  Note that
    they can be directly emailed to
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Chief Mountain Farms, LLC
116 Chiefs Mountain Lane
Port Deposit, MD  21904

Toll-free phone: 866-530-8902
Phone (local): 410-658-7331
Fax: 410-658-7333
Cell Phone: 443-350-3894